Christmas Gift Guide | Gorgeous Wooden Toys Kids will LOVE!

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Christmas shopping for little ones is my absolute fave, especially if you shop a little further afield than your local department store – and by further afield I totally mean mean online shopping not actually driving further away that would be ludicrous!  If you are brave enough to escape licensed product :::::shudder:::: and the multitude of plastic toys that stock the aisles there are some beautiful {and ssshhhh, educational} options to fill the stockings this Christmas.  

The Wooden Toybox asked me to visit their online store, do a bit of shopping and curate my top toy picks for Christmas.  Truly, this was a harder job than it sounds even for an expert online shopper like myself as there are just way too many choices, and most of them are under $50!

Christmas Toys Under $50 NZ

 Build up Peg Board $30.  I purchased this for Nixies 1st birthday back in July and we love it!  So good for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, plus developing pattern building later on.

Firefighters $44  I added these to the list because every kid has vehicles to play with but no ‘MANS’ as Nix calls them, and these ‘MANS’ are SO cute!

Magnetic Heart Cake Set $30

Construction Site Peg Puzzle $12  This one is under the tree for Nixon {theoretically of course, because in reality the tree’s days are numbered #nonixonno}.

Sushi Selection $27

Gingerbread Baking Set $28  This is getting gifted to a friends little girls and it’s SO cute, and Christmassy!

City Fire Engine $48

UFO $40

Fix it Toolbox $25

My First Loom $29  Weaving!!!! Excite.  I had a plastic-fantastic loom when I was a little girl and I loved it, plus hanging-woven-things are going for mega-bucks on Etsy right now, so maybe a loom for the whole family?

Christmas Gift Guide Wooden Toys NZ

City Car Park $110 Boys, check.  cars, check.

Round Activity Pond with Stand $129 This is on my wish list for our garden, nothing keeps my boys happier than playing with water.

The Farm Yard Set $90 Animals for the ‘MANS’ cute!

Runna Mini Trike $79 This is a balance bike for babes from 12 months!  Nix is going to be all over this {helmets also available : )}

All Seasons Furnished House $235, not your average dolls house right?

Log Hauler $82

Gourmet Kitchen $150

Discovery Space Centre $150

If you have been playing along with our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway keep your eyes peeled for a couple of these toys and you could have some very happy kids on Christmas Day!

This post was sponsored by The Wooden Toy Box.  All opinions expressed are my own.