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I am SO excited about this project, I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it is, how easy it is, how absolutely meaningful it is and how much we are going to enjoy putting it together with Ethan.

Of course I discovered it on Create Hope Inspire, Miriam seems to know no end of awesomeness!  Let’s teach our kids {in a really hands on way} about giving this Christmas.  About sharing with a child in a far less privileged position then our own and lets do it now!  Well you actually kinda have to do it now before time runs out.  Intrigued?

Check this out;

Operation Christmas Child is a charity operating in Australia and New Zealand.  You decorate a shoebox in Christmas wrap, fill it with selected small items that a needy child would just love and be ever so grateful for {think small soft toy, pencils, school books, soap, flannel toothbrush, something to play with etc}, then drop your shoebox off at one of many locations around Australia and New Zealand {NZ list here}.  The boxes are gathered and shipped to locations around the world and children who would normally go without get to enjoy something just a wee bit special this Christmas.

So, are you in?  Here’s the simple instructions;

Operation Christmas Child

Our family is on this like white on rice.  We have our shoebox, I did the grocery shopping today so have picked out the first few items, Ethan has ideas about what he is going to contribute, Mum is adding some school supplies – I actually think there could be more than one shoebox leaving this house hopefully!  There is so much to love about a project like this.  Buying a goat for a village is a wonderful idea, but kind of hard and intangible for my son in NZ to get his head around.  Donating money is also a very practical and easy way to donate, but you just never really know where it ends up.  When you drop off your Christmas shoebox you can pick up a tracking label which will allow you to follow your boxes journey to the country of its intended recipient.  Love it.

So who’s in?


PS If you are even thinking about leaving some nasty-ass comment about how charity begins at home i.e. NZ…… don’t bother please and thank you : )