Christmas Post #3: Secret Santa or little gift for that pesky Eco-hippy friend

When I was Christmas shopping for E the other day, I only bought myself ONE present and it was this little gem from Natures Window;

Purse Friendly Eco-Shopping Bag 2

Purse Friendly Eco-Shopping Bag

How cute is that!  $6.95 friends!  It’s one piece and so teeny, made from good quality nylon, it has a drawstring closure and clip so you can snap it onto your purse where you can find it in a hurry – like when you need to whip it out at the check-out and proclaim “NO BAGS PLEASE, I’ve got it covered”.  You will be the coolest girl for miles, or at least in The Warehouse which is where I usually find myself bag-less and alone and struggling with the moral dilemma of bag-or-no-bag.

Sorry about the hair, it’s been raining awhile and even the GHD’s are backing away terrified.



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