Christmas Shortbread Stacks

Christmas Treats | Shortbread Stacks & Cupcake Icing

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Shortbread is such a holiday favourite isn’t it?  I love it and always whip up a couple of batches each year to gift to our neighbours and friends.  Instead of using my old faithful Christmas cookie cutters I used my round set this year and simply stacked the biscuits up and tied them with bakers string.  There is nothing spectacular about the recipe, it’s just the Edmonds go-to, but I quite fancy this presentation for a change.


These little stacks went off to work with Dave to give to some colleagues and friends and as soon as the baby sleeps for more than half an hour I’ll get another batch on!  How can he not be as tired as me??????

Mum had a pot-luck to attend last week and as I had a stash of un-iced cupcakes in the freezer I Christmas-ed them up with some buttercream, candy canes and little silver cachous.  Crushed candy cane pretty much sucks to work with, it gets really sticky if you handle it.  The best thing to do is crush it in a zip lock bag and sprinkle it on straight from the bag, avoiding using your fingers.