Chur Chur

Have I told you lately how much I love Poi E?

Campbell Live had Patea Maori Club on live tonight and it made me cry with joy as I danced and pretended I had some poi.  Seriously.  The song first came out when I was 4 and I would be willing to bet that I saw all 22 episodes of RTR Countdown when it was number one in New Zealand because I know for a fact that my Mum loved it as much as I did and we turned it up loud on the old Thorn TV every time it was on.  Number 1 by Christmas!



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I live in rural Auckland, New Zealand. Two boys, one big, one not so big and 2 boy dogs belong to me and I them. I love Coca Cola in all of its sugar-less forms and I love you internet. I take way too many pictures of my kids and collect them all here. This is what I am doing when I should be cleaning or cooking or doing other 'useful' things.

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  1. Thanks for the memory blast from the past. I lived in the naki a few years back and every time I stopped in Patea I was blown away by just how small and remote it is. That song and the memory of it still bring a smile to my face god bless

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