Cleaning out the Pot Cupboard, so to speak

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We were up at the crack yesterday, you know, baby etc, status quo.  Dave and E were out of the door at 6.50am to the hospital for a follow-up xray and new cast so I really had no choice but to be productive.

I whipped up a large batch of baby breakfast puree {pears, peaches, blueberries, strawberries and apricots} and was washing up and putting the dishes away.  The pots wouldn’t easily/neatly fit in the pot cupboard – please tell me I’m not the only one with cupboards like this!  Usually I’d just wiggle everything around until I could close the doors and walk away without a second thought.  I did give it a second thought however, and my thought was; “goddam it, I’m going to clean out that cupboard.  Not tomorrow but right NOW!”.

And I did.

As I was cleaning I was having some more thoughts!  Huzzah – thinking!  I never spend much time on New Years Resolutions and the like, but the pot cupboard makeover as a Random Act of Cleaning {RAOC} made me realise how much I procrastinate.  Procrastinating is directly correlated with productivity and productivity is my jam.

From now on, when something needs organising, cleaning, tidying, finishing, sorting {+cuddling, listening, reading to}, I will do it.  Pronto.  Much like you I’m sure, I suffer from severe not-enough-hours-in-the-day-itis, so, this year I want to be consciously more productive and more precious about what I’m giving my time to throughout the day.

And now, enjoy this picture of my ah-ha moment – behold, the Pot Cupboard, symbol of the Productive Project 2014.