Cook Eat | Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Brioche Recipe

Cook Eat | Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Brioche Recipe

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These puppies are bad news brown.  Don’t make them then come crying to me all like “I’ve put on 27 kilos because of BRIOCHE”.  I know, I feel your pain, now eat you pain away, brioche makes everything better x

The basic dough recipe is from the Little and Friday Cookbook – Celebrations, the method is mine x

This is not a quick recipe so stick with scones if you’re in a hurry. 

Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Brioche
  1. 550ml milk
  2. 3 tsp instant dry yeast
  3. 6.5 cups flour
  4. 3 tsp salt
  5. 1/2 cup caster sugar
  6. 3 eggs
  7. 140g diced butter
  1. - In a saucepan heat milk over medium heat until lukewarm, remove from heat and sprinkle yeast over. Stir until dissolved.
  2. - Place dry ingredients in mixing bowl. Using an electric beater with dough hook, mix at low speed.
  3. - Add yeast mixture and eggs to bowl, continuing to mix at low speed until a sticky dough forms. (This was all my mixer could handle, the dough is very tough and sticky so I finished the rest by hand).
  4. - Stop mixer and scrape down dough from sides of bowl. Increase to medium and mix for 10 minutes until dough is elastic and shiny and pulls away from edge of bowl. If doing this by hand, tip dough onto bench and knead for 10 minutes.
  5. - Gradually add butter.
  6. - Cover bowl with a tea towel and leave dough to prove/rise until it has almost doubled in size, it's now ready to use.
  7. Here I divided the dough in two as I wanted to try two different rolls.
  8. - Roll each half out into a rectangle approx. 50cm x 30cm
  9. - Spread melted butter on each and sprinkle liberally with a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon
  10. - Roll half the dough lengthwise and cut into pinwheels approx 3cm thick
  11. - I cut the other half into short strips and tied in knots.
  12. - Place rolls in greased muffin tins and let rise for half an hour or so until dough is puffy again
  13. - Bake at 180° for 12-15 minutes
  1. I preferred the pinwheel option best.
  2. These freeze beautifully for lunchboxes.
Adapted from Little & Friday Celebrations
Adapted from Little & Friday Celebrations




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  1. Sunshine_Leonie · October 16, 2014

    Wicked temptress! I simply have to make them – one of my fav treats!