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Back Rice

Ok, first things first; black rice is SO hard to photograph, black rice would get in all kinds of trouble as a food model – hard work yo!

Secondly; Dave and I ate black rice as a side dish at an event a couple of weeks ago and it has kinda been stuck in my brain since.  I was grocery shopping by myself yesterday {the luxury of that little excursion was NOT overlooked}, and despite having left the list at home, I had enough concentration to remember that I was wanting to get some coloured rice to try at home.  Fancy rice isn’t cheap, I perused the shelves and walked away, balking at $6-$10 for a 500gm pack.  I did end up returning to the aisle ‘O rice and grabbing a box of funky black rice for $5.99 before I left the store, it was one of those things I just needed to get out of my head!

I’m SO glad I did.  It takes longer to cook than regular white or brown but holy smokes, it actually has taste!  And apparently more nutritional value {according to my very quick perusal of the interwebs}.  Black rice has one of the highest levels of anthocyanin antioxidents found in food.  Let’s be honest, I’m not too sure what that means but I haven’t heard Nigel Latta tell me not to eat it so it must be ok!

Best of all, the family loved it.  Even the nine year old.

I’m calling it a win people!  Stoked to be able to simultaneously increase the yum+health factor of something as simple as rice.

Now, get back in the kitchen!





  1. Amy Chiles · September 23, 2014

    I tried red rice the other day – delicious!

    • thebestnest · September 23, 2014

      I just bought some today Amy! Found 500 grams at the fruit and vege shop for $2.89!!! Organic too. So much cheaper then at the grocery store.

  2. Sunshine_Leonie · September 23, 2014

    oooo will have to try it – we love rice and everything about this appeals hugely for some reason!

  3. Gill @ mudbird ceramics · September 23, 2014

    Ha ha!! I love your writing, who knew reading about rice could make me laugh! I was looking at black rice at the Bin Inn the other day, think it was called wild rice…

  4. Britt · September 24, 2014

    Google recipe for sticky black rice (porridge) it’s amazing! Coconut cream, palm sugar, banana then I top with fresh fruit salad and passion fruit pulp.