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Watching: My Kitchen Rules {surely the most drawn out show in the history of television?}, Finding Bigfoot – Ethan’s obsession, though he asks me every day I AM STILL NOT A BELIEVER!

Listening to: Nothing. New. The playlist of my life has not had a new addition since Pumped up Kicks, and that was at least a year ago. I drive in silence in the car and at drinks with friends on Sunday night I had no idea of the most massive song in the world (apparently?) that is sung by a Korean boy-man who cuts some mean shapes on the dance floor. Let me get back under my rock, hold on.

Thinking about: Shoes, this blog, new tyres for our NEW-er truck {at least buying a NEW-er truck is no longer taking up head space}, finishing my degree and completely changing my major in the third year {who cares? I did the exact same thing 12 yrs ago with my BA}, cancer scaring the bejeezus out of me, gastro bugs that keep coming back, my Mum and her busted face : (

Loving: Sugar free Jim Beam and Cola. Thank you liquor gods! Fab blog-ish opportunities of which I wish there were more, meeting cool Auckland mums (but then being dumb and not getting their contact details), finishing our New House budget.

Reading: David Foster Wallace’s post-humous novel The Pale King. DFW is hard. Harder in death. I had forgotten how much one must concentrate when reading his work. Infinite Jest was magnificent, but very heavy to transport all over America, but life changing almost, in a novel-can-change-you-life kind of way. Maybe it just changes the way you think. Yes. Also reading The Lovely Bones because sometimes I am just not in the mood for hard work reading.

Making me Happy: Getting most of the superglue off my teeth. Here’s a trick for young players; never under any circumstances use your teeth to open superglue. 9/10 times you will be successful and feel like the boss of fixing things. But a mouth full of super glue will one day remind you that you are actually not the boss and fast setting glue in ones mouth is quite problematic. And it tastes weird.

Thanks Danielle @ Sometimes Sweet for the Currently inspiration