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I may be wrong, but I have a feeling this may be the last year that the “Easter Bunny” visits Ethan : (  Someone I know even went so far as to say that at 7.5 perhaps he should grow up?  Whatever, he has his whole life to grow up, what’s the hurry?

I found these sweet Easter Printables here and made a gift tag for E’s basket {file that away for next Easter}.

Hope you are all enjoying this glorious long weekend!



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I live in rural Auckland, New Zealand. Two boys, one big, one not so big and 2 boy dogs belong to me and I them. I love Coca Cola in all of its sugar-less forms and I love you internet. I take way too many pictures of my kids and collect them all here. This is what I am doing when I should be cleaning or cooking or doing other 'useful' things.