Day 2: Maternity Leave

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Obviously I outdid my self with my kitchen exploits on Thursday, you know, pumpkin soup and homemade bread rolls for dinner so I kept it real and decided on Pizza Hut for dinner and once again had dinner organised by 9.30am!  I am amazing.

Work cut off my public email so I was unable to do any work from home aside from what came through my new internal email.  It was a strange feeling, not having to do anything…………..but the floors.  I vacuumed and mopped the floors once Dave had left for the office.  One day of trying to work from home around nesting stir-crazy wife was obviously enough to send him running for the ‘normal’ people with desks and lanyards!

I did manage to leave the house yesterday to do the after-school pick up – freshly showered and dressed.  I’m going to admit to a bit of paranoia here, I found a rogue nit in E’s hair a couple of weeks ago so the kid has been fumigated in the shower multiple times to avoid an outbreak {there have been no more sightings thank god}.  So, after my morning cleaning-athon I jumped in the shower and thought I may as well treat my own hair just to be on the safe side you know?  Off I go to school, wet hair {somewhat stylishly I hope?} tied up in a top knot, positively reeking of nit shampoo.  I was sitting in the truck waiting for Ethan when one of his friends Mum’s comes over to see how things are going.  This lady and I are acquaintances at best, we share small boys and rugby in common and she was chatting away leaning in the drivers side window positively choking I’m sure of it, on the pesticide-like fumes emanating from my wet hair.  I could have died.

But then she invited E over for a playdate next week so maybe she just thought I had a pestilence problem in the truck or was really into huffing fly spray while pregnant.  Embarrassing.


One of the many things I have checked off my  l o n g  before-baby-to-do list was order some bloggy business cards.  I cashed in on one of Vistaprint’s trillion offers and my cards arrived yesterday.  Considering I spent 10 minutes on them and they cost $10 they are just fine.  BTW, I have no idea if lifestyle blogger is the correct terminology, it was all my addled head could come up with in the 10 minutes between dinner-ing and shower-ing the small child.  Next up is the Media Kit.

In other housewiferly news;

  • I am still pregnant
  • I am seriously considering washing the windows
  • I have run out of chocolate
  • It is International Go Skateboarding Day and Dave went skateboarding but couldn’t skate, too rainy, now he has sad face