Ethan's 1st Halloween

Dita de Boni hates Halloween, oh my

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Here’s a wee tip fellow bloggers; whenever you are lacking in inspiration and have reached the very bottom of your creative souls, head over to the New Zealand Herald website and have a quick browse among the Life & Style section – there is no end of bullshit here which should either; enrage you to the point of seeing red  > hello opinion piece, or will make you giggle so much you will feel compelled to write a scathing post on the author’s complete lack of sensibilities.

Of course I have done all of these things:

and I’m about to again.  Because I have opinions people and sharing is caring right?

Dita de Boni do you actually have a soul, or a scrap of imagination or motherly fun tucked away in your Journalist of the Year cap?  This weeks Keeping Mum blog titled, “I Hate Halloween” seems to be written from the authors usual high moral ground, empahasizing her hatred of Halloween, apparently stemming from our country’s love of sugar!  The ample baking at her husbands work place contributes to her Halloween-phobia, as does free Mr Whippy’s as a treat for for employees, apparently Halloween angst takes many forms and to top it all off HER KIDS ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

The horror.

If your kids are super excited about Halloween simply because of the possibility of free lollies, maybe evil sugar has become just a tad bit marginalized in your household?  There is so much to enjoy about Halloween least of all is the candy, let us count the ways;

  1. Dressing up is fun
  2. Scaring people {or trying to} is super fun when you are a little kid
  3. Being out and about in your neighbourhood dressed up, possibly with your friends in the early evening when you’d normally be doing homework is ace
  4. Anything that is a break from routine is fun
  5. Lollies are definitely fun.
  6. Traditions are fun – regardless of whether or no they originate from America for gods sake!
  7. Having something to look forward to is fun, and if a cheapie costume once a year makes your kids happy then so be it.
So let the kids eat lollies I say!  Get the rod out of your back and have  a little fun.  Our neighbourhood has a system where houses ‘opt in’ to Trick or Treating and are provided balloons to decorate their mailboxes with.  This way, no-one like Dita gets bothered if they are that annoyed by Halloween.  The hundreds of kids in our neighbourhood all meet on the local tennis courts and are handed out maps showing where the Halloween houses are, last year there were over fifty!  We had such a fun time walking around between 5-7pm, having a very specific time frame helps limit the obvious annoyances of Halloween ; ).  It was great to meet our neighbours and their kids and enjoy the season.
One year when Ethan was younger I hosted our own Halloween party.  We decorated, had a sausage sizzle for the kids and parents and I supplied a few of our immediate neighbours with a bag of lollies each and we visited them for some ‘pre-arranged’ Trick or Treating.  Safe, fun and just another excuse for a party really!
Happy Halloween!
Ethan's 1st Halloween


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