DIY | Scarf Organizer aka the MOST boring blog post ever

Yesterday was seriously one of the most boring days of my life, no joke.  E is away with Mum and Dave is in Hong Kong so Nix and I are at home cruising.  Which is actually quite nice, the boring part is how I chose to spend my day  – going through my hoard of clothes.  It was a necessary evil though and I felt quite liberated dropping off a huge stash into the clothing bin. I was  just about finished when I realised I needed to address the problem of scarves.  I have quite a few, some were draped over a plastic hanger that had just about given up and the rest were stuffed into the cubby at the top of my wardrobe.

Solution: I zip-tied a hat rack to a wooden coat hanger – ta-dah!  I know, it’s rocket science isn’t it?




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