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Easing into the Christmas Spirit

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Spirit I said!  Not spirits you derelicts.  Gosh.  One post about bourbon and ya’ll think the worst don’t you?

As happens every year in our house, there is a big build up for Ethan’s birthday at the end of November, we all recover and then it’s like blank stares all round as we try and switch over to Christmas mode.  Or maybe that’s just me.

So we are starting slowly.  We managed to get the tree and advent calendar I sewed last year up on the 1st, I whipped up a wee washi tape tree by the front  door and we have been to see Santa – that was a roaring success by the way, resulting in my fave pic ever of my two boys, it’s sensational right?

Ethan likes to give out a wee gift and Christmas card to each of his classmates, which sounds like a major {expensive} ordeal but it doesn’t have to be.  I popped in to our local $2 shop and purchased a couple of multipacks of Christmas erasers for $3.50 each, I had previously picked up a box of cards for $3 from KMart and I’m repurposing some washi that I really don’t like.  So, $10 for Ethan’s entire class is totally doable.

To spread the load, he has been penning 3 Christmas cards each night.  We have left this project until the last minute in years prior and it is sooooo painful encouraging him to knock out cards for his entire class in one sitting.  Organization is key.  Everything we need for the project is in a box on the bench where he can sit after breakfast or during afternoon tea and write whatever messages he wants.  Usually it’s a stock standard line, occasionally interspersed with “you so swaggy” or “swagmaster beefob”  whatever the hell that means lol.  

So, to date;

 – no Christmas carols

 – no Christmas parades, Nix would not cope with this (picture trying to keep an octopus in a stroller, got that visual?)

 – no Christmas baking.

Gimme some time, I’ll get there!

Christmas Cards

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