Ethans 3rd Birthday week!

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After a super fun week of celebrating Ethan’s 3rd birthday we have reached the end of the party (sigh….). It began on Tuesday with a special day at Kindy. The lovely teachers painted all of the children’s faces, made play-dough birthday cakes and Ethan handed out cupcakes made by Mum and Lolly-pops to his friends at the end of the morning; Then came Wednesday, Ethan’s actual birthday. He got a huge surprise when after opening all of his presents, we blindfolded him and took him outside where Dave threw him onto his new trampoline!

Ethan at kindy, ready to deal out the cakes, unfortunately he scoffed back 4 before I noticed!

He was still half asleep as he checked out his inside prezzies…

…..then came the blindfold…

and the best present ever! (I know I’M really enjoying it!)

New clothes from Meemee, Nana Vickie and Aunt Tompie

Birthday morning: AT the bus stop with best mate Dan

First stop: Mairangi Bay playground
Next stop: The Beach! It was a stunning morning, the water was so warm and the kids had a blast.

Birthday dinner with Nana and Grandad, and wonderful gifts!
The Party on Saturday. I made a special ocean themed cheesecake (Ethan’s favourite), it had a giant handmade chocolate Marlin leaping out of it. I though it was great, but Ethan thought the colour was all wrong, I was informed for future reference that cheesecake’s do not have blue glaze. Well there you go.

Ethan gave it a good shot, but just couldn’t eat the whole chocolate marlin in one sitting.