Flying by the seat of my pants.

Last week saw the somewhat anticipated beginning of Term 2. After a lovely, lazy two weeks of school holidays E left the house last Monday happy and ready to get stuck in to another school term. Compared to holidays past, the Easter break was chilled and calm. I made no School Holiday Activity Lists as I have done in the past, in fact there were only two days of ‘planned’ excursions over the entire break. Quel horreur!
It was bloody good. And cheap.
The Problem With Last Week began upon Ethan’s return to school. See, I forgot to kick myself out of school holiday mode and spent the rest of the week trying to remove my head from my ass the clouds and get some shit done.  Nixie was very busy getting shit done as he picked up another bout of rotavirus the week before, let the good times roll!  

So it was the kind of week where permission slips and gold coins were scrambled for 5 minutes after E was supposed to leave for school, dinners were freezer-to-microwave affairs – unplanned and unremarkable, I was out two nights, further complicating matters and leaving me even less time to, well, not do Very Important Stuff.  Like be an awesome mum and wife : (


The ‘work’ week ended with Dave and I having a big fight about an outdoor project we were going to be completing over the weekend.  Ridiculous, but the culmination of a very stressful week for Dave and a useless, self-absorbed week for me.  I’ve been focussing on all the wrong things, neglecting the right things and letting my beautiful family slip by the wayside.

This week will be better.  The work week is already a day shorter so I’m winning already.  We had such a great long weekend, Dave and I are totally back on the same page and aside from him smashing his face skateboarding in the weekend and chipping a tooth badly (read: $$$), I’m ready to rock this week!

I hope you guys are on track for an amazing week too xx




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6 thoughts on “Flying by the seat of my pants.”

  1. Oh totally hearing you on the nice calm no planned holidays! But should have started revving myself up sooner before I knew it we were in full swing of soccer practice (in the rain friggn awesome ) and after school crap I mean activities!!! Then dropped miss 3 at kindy on Thursday and totally forgot about dress up day….and the fact I jammed her fingers in the car then had a mentle block about how to open bloody car door!!! Anywho. New week and I’m welcoming back the lists!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh so nice to read it's not just me who battles with return to school. Miss 7 had chickenpox in the holidays, then Master 17 months got them the first week back at school so life has been pretty full on. Feeling a bit more on to it this week and on a more even keel. 🙂

  3. Yup last week sucked big for us too but it can only but get better hey
    Poor Nix tho! Rotovirus is really suck

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