Dave and I

Friday Love

Thank god it’s Friday.  This week has been challenging; one little drama after another and Ethan misbehaving like a boss EVERY afternoon this week.  He is doing my head in.  Mornings are easy.  He wakes up happy, complies, helps out, goes to school without fussing……..then obviously uses up all of his good behaviour at school and tortures me when he gets home.  Everything in the evening is a battle and it’s wearing me down.  He is generally a really good kid, but his strong willed, independent nature {and perfectionism} makes him a freaking nightmare to parent at the moment.  Sigh.  Poor me and my one kid right?

Cinnamon Pinwheel Scones

Loved getting my bake on for Rugby Prizegiving this week

Dave and I

Loved receiving a thank you card in the mail this week with a surprise pic of Dave and I!  I usually hate every photograph of myself so I was pleased to discover that I didn’t hate this one!

Rugby is over!

As much as I adore Rugby reason, there is always a wee sigh of relief when it is over for the year and we reclaim three days a week!

MNM's for Beakfast

Loving MNM’s for breakfast – just because I can.  And I LOVED every crunchy peanutty bite!


Just LOVING that little Marley is ok.  We had a terrible scare this week, someone had thrown poisoned beef over our back fence!  Luckily only one of our four dogs ate any, unlucky for Marley he became deathly ill as a result.  He seems to have made a full recovery though.  Nasty people suck.

Golden Cat Pencil Holder

Dave and I LOVE Chinese lucky cats.  This is our second one, he is a ceramic toothbrush holder from Urban Outfitters, but he is too cool to be hidden away in the bathroom so I have moved him to the office to hold pens.  Ta Dah!

Lossnay System Installation!

Pretty damn excited about this scene in our house RIGHT now.  Our Lossnay ventilation system is being installed – no more weeping windows!  Yah.

Afternoon Tea with Ethan

For all of my complaining, there are always lovely moments with Ethan each day, like afternoon tea in the sun yesterday.  Come on Spring – you can do it!

Things I’m Loving is hosted by Meghan at MNM’s

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.



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  1. The Japanese call those cats maneki-neko and I love them too, they're in every shop window over there 🙂 So glad your wee doggy is ok too xx

  2. WOW, thats horrible that someone would throw poisioned beef over your fence, I cant believe people are this horrid 🙁 poor wee dog. LOVEEEEEE peanut mnm's actually to be fair I love all mnm's 🙂 great post

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