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FriYAY | I just want to sleep

Dave’s been on a work trip for 5 days so I’ve been solo-parenting – with my Mum, so I know that technically doesn’t count but I’m claiming it anyway.  I’m exhausted.

Thankfully the kids have been amazing, aside from the baby waking up pre-6am every day we have had a really smooth, easy week.  All activities and commitments fulfilled, beds made, family hygiene is at an acceptable level, both touch rugby games won last night and everyone has been eating well.  There may have been some emergency chicken nuggets on the menu last night but shit happens.

Did I mention I’m tired?  I did? Sorry, it must be because I’m so freaking tired.

So, this week at The Best Nest;

We read:  Books about sharks {Nixon}, How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword {Ethan}, House Rules {me}.  I also read an article in a medical journal on autologous stem cell transplants vs allogeneic.  Tres interesting.

We ate:  ALL the salmon this week.  Sealord sent us some of their amaze hot smoked salmon and as Dave was away we had lovely simple meals all week.  My boys and I could easily live off of salmon and avocado, simple folk we are.

We I cried:  Because my hair is ruined.  We had to fill our tank with ‘town’ water after we had it drained, cleaned and repaired and the chemical content of the new water has turned my hair into straw.  After having no highlights for a year, my hair was in the best condition of my life and now it takes me almost an hour to comb it after washing.  Ruined : (

I realised: That for 10 years I’ve had this lovely squishy boy, who never shook off his baby fat, and then I saw that photo above…….E is stacked.  Look at his back muscles!

I bought: Roses, prickle killer, RUC’s, books and toys.  Lame, I’m going to have to step up the Santa game next week as 10 year olds aren’t that into ornamental flowers apparently.

I drank: Banrock Station Moscato LOVE it.

I watched: Police 10-7, apparently my long lost aunt is going to be making an appearance in the WANTED section!  Oh the lols

I made: um……….a nail appointment?!  Seriously no crafting going on at the moment.  The plans are in my head though I swear.

I suffered through: A massive yeast infection in my nipple {didn’t see that one coming did ya!}.  Have no idea how to wean Nixon, no idea.  Tips?


That’s it, I finished on a high wouldn’t you say?  Tell me your week was more exciting than mine, go on do it!











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I live in rural Auckland, New Zealand. Two boys, one big, one not so big and 2 boy dogs belong to me and I them. I love Coca Cola in all of its sugar-less forms and I love you internet. I take way too many pictures of my kids and collect them all here. This is what I am doing when I should be cleaning or cooking or doing other 'useful' things.

4 thoughts on “FriYAY | I just want to sleep”

  1. Oh, ouch to the last one! I have had nearly every other possible affliction in my BFing boobies, but not that one, so no helpful tips sorry! But much sympathy! xx

  2. Have you tried any kerastase products, I truly think they are the miracle of hair care, I don' think it is possible to have bad hair when you use them, although it is possible to be bankrupt.
    As for the weaning, my advice would be don't sweat it, my girl was a very very latent breastfeeder, there were times when I was just so so over it and wanted it to stop and did not really know how to do it. Eventually it just happened, one day I said no more, and there were a few tears and she asked a few more times, but a few days later it was all over, I think because she was old enough to understand. She is by far and away my healthiest child, so I am taking ALL the credit for that from my magic milk 😉 It is really hard work feeding an older child and makes you feel really 'touched out' sometimes, it's a cliche I know, but once it's over it's over and all of those feelings are forgotten in a heartbeat. Hope this week is a better one for you and you feel less tired x

  3. I so need to buy some weed killer, and drink wine 🙂 Well done for surviving and hopefully this week you are a little less tired x

  4. 15 month old here. In same boat about weaning.
    We are down to a feed at lunchtime and then 17 million feeds over night.
    A crazy tricky sleeper means we are firmly in the feeding to sleep camp.
    Will watch closely to see any magic tips/tricks you happen to have and share.

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