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I love Paisley Jade’s Blog.  It’s pretty, all about family and she is always cooking or DIYing something awesome.  This weekly reminder to be thankful for all the little things around us is hosted by her – so visit!




  • I am LOVING our neighbourhood at the moment, who wouldn’t love being able to see this at the end of your street!  I feel so fortunate we are staying here indefinitely now that we have bought our house!

Down by the River

  • I am in love with dahlias, we drool over them annually at the Kumeu Show and this year there were no less beautiful.  They may be the only flower I ever grow but I am determined to have some dahlias at our new house!

  • My grown up thing that I am loving this week is the fabulous Pukeko Grove Feijoa Wine, from our awesome local spot, Hallertau!  Feijoa fans will be won over as soon as the heady fragrance hits but seriously the taste is just as special.  Some people love feijoa wine, some do not, but if you have yet to try it I highly recommend either the sparkling or still varietals from the Pukeko team.
  • The Summer That Never Was wrecked havoc on our vege garden.  The usually infallible courgettes were limp, small and rotty, the eggplant flowered and then failed to fruit and the tomatoes are late, smallish but finally seem to have a bit of gumption!  So I am loving actually having something to harvest at last!


  • We were called upon to Bunny-sit this weekend!  Babbity and Tweek came to stay  and Ethan was so pleased.  Louie was pleased too.  I pretty sure our chicken-killing Shi Tzu thought it was awesome that there was potential sport staying in his garage, but he behaved himself like a gentleman.  Thank god.  Thank you Louie, I will continue to love you for your compliance with the rabbit rules.


Have a wonderful week everyone!