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  1. This gorgeous autumn weather!  It was too nice to be inside so Ethan brought his Lego outside to play with.
  2. My Auntie shared this lovely wine with us on Friday, Dave called it the Pink Musk Rat, but it was just as yummy as the label was pretty.
  3. The circus acrobats at The Royal Easter Show were amazing, definitely the highlight of the day for me, could have used a touch more toe pointing this ex-gymnast thinks though!
  4. This field of colour contrast is by Mum’s soon to be old house.  The red pepper plants have been chopped down and upturned to dry while the green are still growing away.  This photo doesn’t do any justice to the beautiful colours.  I had to stop the car to snap some pics.
  5. Dashy and I ‘wind-breezing’ as you do lol

I love Paisley Jade’s Blog.  It’s pretty, all about family and she is always cooking or DIYing something awesome.  This weekly reminder to be thankful for all the little things around us is hosted by her – so visit!