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Full List of Stuff White People Like

How classic is this!  The stereotype is so perfectly broken down by this list that it MUST have been written by a white person – though I doubt that they would be able to call themselves a redneck.

I love this so much I am going to comment on the Top 50, and add my own whitey / kiwi spin on it for ya; 

  • #50 Irony – yes, and?
  • #49 Vintage – yes.  I have a vintage set of dresser drawers in our bedroom, our TV sits on a vintage table, and I love retro styling.
  • #48 Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops – Yes, don’t eat torture – pork!!!
  • #47 Arts Degrees – Snap.  Got one, major Sociology, minor Ancient History.  I know, WTF was I thinking?
  • #46 The Sunday New York Times – They don’t deliver to NZ and my interweb time is already busy enough as it is with, twitter, FB and blogging
  • #45 Asian Fusion Food – meh, ‘sokay
  • #44 Public Radio – LOVE IT.  Ethan and I were glued to the lappy on election day listening to Obama slay the republicans on NPR 
  • #43 Plays – ho hum, haven’t seen one in a while, but I was Frenchy in our High School production of Grease
  • #42 Sushi – oh yeah, watch me roll up
  • #41 Indie Music – pretty much all we listen to in this house, though I had a kick-ass dream last night that I saw a live acoustic set performed by Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love!!
  • #40 Apple Products – still pluckin on pc’s but we have a 4 ipods of varying descriptions
  • #39 Netflix – loved it whilst stateside
  • #38 Arrested Development – ROFLMAO
  • #37 Renovations – yes, minor because we rent but watch out future mortgaged house
  • #36 Breakfast Places – not so much now we are in NZ, but in SD and Jax used to eat out for brekkie all the time
  • #35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report – Still watch it here, love it
  • #34 Architecture – is cool
  • #33 Marijuana – never been a fan, smells soapy to me
  • #32 Vegan/Vegetarianism – been there, done that
  • #31 Snowboarding – hell yeah, this season is looking good
  • #30 Wrigley Field – hmmm, I’m guessing this is a baseball reference, so,  negatory
  • #29 80s Night – oh yeah, every night from 19-21 was 80’s night with the girls
  • #28 Not having a TV – sorry, no
  • #27 Marathons – I’m sure Dave will get around to this one of these days, I’ll be cheering him on eating ice cream and drinking bourbons
  • #26 Manhattan (now Brooklyn too!) – sadly never been
  • #25 David Sedaris – ?
  • #24 Wine – You got some?
  • #23 Microbreweries – Oh yeah, pretty much the only time I drink beer is when visiting a microbrewery
  • #22 Having Two Last Names – We were considering bestowing this upon our son, but I do like my short and snappy new name so figured he would too
  • #21 Writers Workshops – online ones
  • #20 Being an expert on YOUR culture – not so much
  • #19 Traveling – YES
  • #18 Awareness – like……how we all live in a global community?
  • #17 Hating their Parents – no way, my parents rule
  • #16 Gifted Children – yeah, I picked up one of those about 4.5 years ago
  • #15 Yoga – downward dog, my friends!
  • #14 Having Black Friends – can’t even articulate a response to this one sorry
  • #13 Tea – it’s growing on me, I like fruit tea
  • #12 Non-Profit Organizations – What?  They do good work!
  • #11 Asian Girls – Pretty much every boy in my form class in 3rd & 4th form married asian chicks
  • #10 Wes Anderson Movies – def
  • #9 Making you feel bad about not going outside – Get some vitamin D yall!
  • #8 Barack Obama – is my homeboy, Ethan wonders why he can’t live here and be the boss instead of John Key?  I also wonder this ‘CAUSE I DIDN’T VOTE FOR YOU JK!
  • #7 Diversity – is good
  • #6 Organic Food – is better
  • #5 Farmer’s Markets – are the bomb
  • #4 Assists – I don’t know what this is but I think a football reference maybe?  In that case, SO not interested
  • #3 Film Festivals – in my student days for sure, oh wait I’m still a student, in my YOUNG student days
  • #2 Religions their parents don’t belong to – well that pretty much opens it up to ANY RELIGION IN THE WORLD
  • #1 Coffee – No, don’t partake
  • So I guess I’m pretty white, though not as pale as some of you I bet!