Get Real Blogging, what do I think?

There are so many things on my mind right now, so many blog projects and ideas {as well as completing our house reno, my job, my family, yadda yadda} and no time for any of it. So I make notes, jot them in my notebook and try and find some time to remember what caused that ‘aha’ moment so many weeks ago.  This is one of those posts!

A post I read recently really struck a chord with me, it is something I have touched on before here; but a comment on that post from a twitter friend made me think twice about laying it all out there in blog-land and what the sugar-coated blog really means to both the writer and her audience.

Tara from The Treehouse added her own ‘Things I’m Afraid to Tell You’ blog post to a growing movement of posts worldwide that focus on how things really are. How we as bloggers really feel; our worries, fears and insecurities, the dust bunnies under the beds rather then the single polished piece of furniture visible in the ‘staged’ blog pic {I’m definitely guilty of this!}.  I loved her post, not only did it lay out some home truths about Tara herself, it also made me think about what I’m afraid of.  What my fears and insecurities are and why I write and post about the things I do.

A blog is a tiny window into someone’s life and at the end of the day may not be a window at all, perhaps more of an elaborate facade. What bloggers choose to share more often than not is the Bright & Shiny, the Perfect, the once a month home cooked meal passed off as a common occurrence.  My initial reaction to this chain of thought was lets all get real, let’s write about the truth in our days, the bad news, the fights with our husbands, the headaches when we drink to much {how many times do you ever see a mummy blogger mention that?!}.  Quit sucking it in and let the muffin tops hang out right?

Hmmm.  I’m not sure.  I thought I was sure until @kerrypayne commented on that earlier post;

 It helps your own sanity to sometimes say everything is fine when it isn’t, a kind of affirmation maybe

She’s right.  Life has been hard since we came back to NZ.  So many nights of crying into my pillow waiting for the medication to work so I could forget my troubles until the morning.  But I didn’t blog about that.  Perhaps I should have.  Diverting the focus from the audit, the miscarriage, the melanoma, the job loss, the death of my Dad for Christ sakes…..detracting from these things by sharing a beautiful picture, or one of my boys little triumphs, or an awesome family outing on Dave’s one day off that week; those blog posts helped affirm that the sun still shined on us – some days you just have to look harder for it than others I guess.

So write what you want, whatever you need to write at the time.  Less narcissism in blog writing and more self-preservation perhaps?  I don’t know, but bleeding heart writing can get tiresome to read {and can be painful to write}, sometimes the best remedy for a bad day can be to simply slap on some lippy, whip up some scones and post a plethora of Pin-Worthy pics!  Who knows?

However you choose to engage your audience, I’ll still read your blog, I may even comment!




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I live in rural Auckland, New Zealand. Two boys, one big, one not so big and 2 boy dogs belong to me and I them. I love Coca Cola in all of its sugar-less forms and I love you internet. I take way too many pictures of my kids and collect them all here. This is what I am doing when I should be cleaning or cooking or doing other 'useful' things.

2 thoughts on “Get Real Blogging, what do I think?”

  1. So many sides to this conversation! I agree with both.

    I tweeted you a reply last night and I've had a little more time to think about it and I still believe that whilst we can encourage ourselves and others along with sparkly glimpses of a moment when everything is lovely – and isn't that what it is, like a photograph? – a gritty "it's a little bit pear shaped" post endears me to a blog all the more.

    But hay … the sun is shining today and I have coffee and new shoes ($6.97 from Number One Shoes).

    Today does sparkle.

  2. In the end it really is an intensely personal thing to decide what to publish and what not to, who am I writing it for? My family/friends back in the UK who havent seen my boy since he was 10 (now a strapping 16), my friends here, other people with bald chickens who peck each other?

    Or is it an exercise in design?

    I love reading about other peoples trips to the vet, naughty children, new furniture, homebaking. it's a soap opera there for the taking and I love all of it.

    I have a selection of blogs in my google reader that give me an insight into the lives of different types of people plus there are my Twitter friends and Facebook friends.

    We all take what we want from the stuff we read online so ask yourself 'Who am I writing this for' and then just vent; laugh, cry, scream, shout, get if off your chest and if its a cry for help maybe one of us can actually help in real life. If not we can laugh with you at your cat in a cardboard box or drool at your dinner. 🙂

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