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Little Daily Luxuries | ghd Platinum Styler

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Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty BloggerOne thing that comes with age and hindsight (for me at least) is the confidence to be realistic about what I can and can’t achieve every day.

can apply a BB Cream, mascara and ‘style’ my Brooke Shields brows everyday.

can’t do full makeup and feed the children before 8am.

can wash, dry and style my hair twice, maybe three times per week.

can’t do this every day.  I have too much hair, it takes too long and is generally counter productive as there are days each week when I don’t even leave the house.  Or shower if I’m being completely honest!  ::::you shocked?  Three words; TWO YEAR OLD::::

So basically, I’ve learnt to do what I can, do it well and effectively and do it less often if I possibly can.  In the case of my hair, I’ve found that the less I wash it, the less it actually needs to be washed.  This was a revelation for a time poor Mummy like myself, but it’s totally a game changer.  With less washing, I have more time to actually style my hair and …………….. make the beds I guess lol.

I am also a huge advocate of spending a little more when it comes to certain products as the benefits far outweigh the initial sticker shock of buying a splurge vs save brand.  Case in point –  my eight year old classic ghd straighteners.  I paid around $300 for these eight years ago and they are still as good as the day I first used, and fell in love with them!  That initial ‘expensive’ purchase has cost me the grand total of .72 cents per week.

Worth it now?

Yes, every damn cent.  Worth it.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty Blogger

There have obviously been many new ghd models released since my initial purchase, but as the old pair just won’t quit I’ve never tried them!  Recently I was sent the lustworthy new ghd Platinum Professional Styler and I’m totally in love.   The Platinum Styler has 3 new features 

  1. Tri-Zoneā„¢ Technology – Maintains optimum safer-for-hair heat constantly and evenly.  What this gives me is one stroke styling = SO much faster yo!
  2. Sleep mode – This bad boy turns off after 30 minutes and has universal voltage!
  3. New hinge system holding plates perfectly and advanced insulation keeping the body cooler

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty BloggerI recently reverted back to my blonde ways so after 18 months of super healthy hair I’m now having to be a bit more ‘precious’ about my lighter locks.  I’ve had no breakage at all from heat styling with the ghd Platinum plus my hair is so much shinier and stronger from the super quick contact time with the plates.

I really, really believe that the little luxuries you love the most are the ones you use everyday and I can see my love for my ghd’s continuing for many, many years to come.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty BloggerTop Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Beauty Blogger