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Giveaway {closed} – Floradix Formula Still NZ’s Favourite!

I’ve struggled with low iron levels on and off for the past 12 years and have used Floradix every time to give me a little pep up when diet alone isn’t cutting it.   You guys seem to agree, New Zealanders have been turning to Floradix for the past 40 years and it remains our favourite iron tonic according to latest market figures.

Free from artificial colourings, preservatives, and sweeteners, Floradix contains highly absorbable iron gluconate as well as herbs, plant roots, fruit and vegetable concentrates and vitamins (B6 and C) to keep iron and energy levels at their optimum.  One of the first signs of iron deficiency is fatigue, Mummy’s take note and take care of yourselves!

Floradix is available nationwide in supermarkets, health stores and online at $23.49 and we have two bottles to give away!  Just comment below before Tuesday 12th May 10pm.  For more chances to win head over to Facebook where I’m giving away 3 more bottles!

Congratulations to Misha and April xx Thanks for entering everyone!



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32 thoughts on “Giveaway {closed} – Floradix Formula Still NZ’s Favourite!”

  1. This looks amazing! I would love to try this. I've always had low iron and this sounds perfect!

  2. I've been battling low iron levels since i hit puberty, i don't know what it feels like not to feel run down and tired. Tablets from the doctor don't do much except cause constipation….sigh, being a woman……………

  3. I use this product its fantastic and am just about out of it..
    Great for keeping me on my toes and a bit more energy.
    , to play with my grandkids…

  4. Golly this would be ideal with the change of seasons to add a little more zing and zest.

    1. Congrats Misha! You have won a bottle of Floradix! Please send through your delivery details to melissa at xx

  5. I do believe my husband would benefit from this and therefore I would benefit too!

  6. I used to take iron supplements before having a baby and during pregnancy, but kind of forgot to get another bottle when baby arrived. Never tried it in formula, though. Would be great if I can try this out. 🙂

    1. Hi April congrats you are one of our winners! Please send through your delivery address to me at < I'm sure you can figure that out right?! Thanks for entering xx

  7. Would love to try this as an alternative to the iron supplement pills I am taking currently

  8. My daughter could do with this to boost her system over winter as she hasn't been well recently

  9. I have heard about this and would love the chance to win this and try it for myself!

  10. This would be great especially coming into winter, need to keep health levels up 🙂

  11. My iron levels suffer from a vegeterian diet – I'd love to try Floradix to help me keep up with my active, hard-working lifestyle! 🙂

  12. ?This looks like a product that easy to take with less side effects and brilliant for vegetarians.Yes please I would love a boost for winter

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