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Giveaway {CLOSED}| Volt Espresso Celebrates Success at The NZ Coffee Awards

People go crazy about their coffee and its inherent routine in their day.  Some will happily knock back a cup of instant and be good to go, but others love the process and the ritual of brewing and perfecting their consummate cup.  The team at Volt Espresso obviously fall into the latter category and they want to hook up one lucky reader with a trio of their award winning coffees!

Auckland coffee bean roastery, Volt Espresso is excited to announce their success of Gold, Silver & Bronze at last month’s New Zealand Coffee Awards.

Their winning blend – ORGANIC EARTH took home GOLD for Best Organic blend, SILVER for Best Single Origin and BRONZE for Ethically Traded.  A second bronze medal was also awarded for a special blend called SIENA, a blend made specifically by Peter Grant, owner of Volt Espresso to celebrate his daughter’s first birthday.

A total of 80 coffee roasters entered 313 categories in the 11th annual Huhtahmaki Coffee Awards.

The awards, held at the Bell Tea and Coffee Company headquarters in Auckland, were judged by a team of 12 experts, headed by international coffee consultant, Instaurator.

“The category that really showed great improvement this year was the single origin category” said Instaurator.  “The coffees were much more sophisticated.  They were more refined showing much more interesting, nuanced flavours. This is probably because the style in New Zealand has changed” he said.

The winner can choose whether they would prefer beans or ground for plunger or espresso machine.  Competition closes Sunday 16th November @ 8pm.

Good luck!


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24 thoughts on “Giveaway {CLOSED}| Volt Espresso Celebrates Success at The NZ Coffee Awards”

  1. looks great! thanks for the comp. the nearer the end of this year we get, the earlier i seem to need my morning coffee…!

  2. Im a single mum and lately my son has been waking up around 5/6, its been a killer for me so I have to have my morning coffee, its bliss 😀

  3. Im a single mum and lately my son has been waking up around 5/6, its been a killer for me so I have to have my morning coffee, its bliss 😀
    (p.s Jasmine Y is me but Jasmines my first name, my FB name is under Ngahuia 🙂 )

  4. Great giveaway for this mad time of year! I look forward to my coffee each morning, and haven’t tried this one yet.

    1. And my current pick me up in the morning….. 3 cups of coffee and a round or 10 of hurrying the kids up!

  5. Morning's are best when I get woken with a happy giggle rather than a scream for a bottle. Then my lovely partner makes me a nice strong flat white & allows me a good half hour 45 minutes to have a shower. It's the little things that count around here.

  6. Freshly ground coffee first thing in the morning is always required. In the plunger at the moment until I can get Volt to service my butterfly

  7. my morning pick me up is always a big cup of coffee and my daily vitamins, with three kids I desperately need them both 🙂

  8. mm Coffee. I don't know how I would get by without it.
    It helps my heads because of IIH or maybe I just think it does. lol

  9. Thanks for the post. Before, I read this post, I really didn't know about Volt espresso coffee. Now I understood this. I also want to taste this coffee. And I do it,

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