Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep

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Radio Hauraki is pretty much a part of my DNA. I grew up listening to Dad rock out to DJ Kevin Black playing Dire Straights, Led Zeppelin and ACDC while cruising in his ute, albeit horribly embarrassed by his ute as a teenage girl is prone to be! I always loved Dad’s music though. Now I’m all grown up I still listen to Hauraki though it has transitioned from classic rock into Melissa and Dave’s Ultimate alt/indie/pop rock station, which I LOVE.
I never considered my staple radio station to be a source of blog inspo, but I was driving to my hair appointment yesterday morning when I heard the best piece of advice given by the on-air dj;

Stop caring so much

The story went something like this; the dj had been having trouble sleeping for an entire week, so instead of worrying and stressing about it he decided to roll with it, grab an amaze book and make being awake in the wee small hours productive but still relaxing. Basically he decided to stop caring and accept the situation as a temporary bump in the road and try and find some positives in being awake at all hours.


  • Still eating carbs when everyone else is on the raw food/paleo/live on cashews and dates kick?
    Who cares? Make some scones.
  • Your blog’s not getting noticed, your stats are stagnant, and PR’s be like ??
    Who cares? Write on sister you didn’t start writing so PR peeps would read you blog {’cause they won’t} so don’t lose track.
  • Your kid is as addicted to Minecraft as you are to Instagram.
    Who cares?  Minecraft has excellent redeeming educational properties and if you have found a community of friends on IG go and hang with them when you need to.
  • Short poppies hating on your success and got you feeling self-conscious and stressy?
    Rise above. And stop caring of course.

“Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep”.

Namaste blog readers, namaste.