Good Thing….Bad Thing

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Good Thing: I finally after 6 months bought a new laptop battery online yesterday and it arrived this morning, I was VERY excited.
Bad Thing: Stupid thing doesn’t charge and the company is making ME pay to send it back under warranty!

Good Thing: I went to step class this morning,and it wasn’t traditional step but more like step-conditioning. I hurt.
Bad Thing: The instructor was a mum from kindy, it felt weird to get all sweaty with someone I kinda know.

Good Thing: There is plenty of Coke Zero in the house.
Bad thing: It is all warm! I can’t ever remember to put more in the fridge.

Good Thing: It is sunny and warm and breezy.
Bad Thing: I haven’t even started the laundry.

Good Thing: Lou-bear and I just went on a great big dog-walk
Bad Thing: He sicked up in our bedroom at 4am.

Good Thing: Stupid interwebs are finally fixed!!! And there is definitely no flip-side to that shiny gold coin.