Halloween 2014…….was a week ago, I realize this!

For the first time in like, ever {or maybe 3 or 4 years} Dave was home from work on time to go Trick or Treating with us last Friday.  I think this is possibly due to the cute factor being multiplied considerably this year by #2 being able to wear his big brothers FIRST EVER HALLOWEEN COSTUME!  Some families pass down christening gowns and the like, creating heirlooms out of all that vintage stuff; we’re all class and save Halloween costumes for the future generations!  Wait until our future daughter-in-laws get a glimpse of their baby’s first Halloween monkey suit, worn by their daddy’s, I will be endeared to them forever.  Bless.

Halloween Costumes 2014What a couple of babes!  E gave his book week costume a second showing and was a hobbit, this boy makes my life infinitely easier on a daily basis.  Here’s a little flashback for you, Ethan in The Monkey Suit, Encinitas, California 2006!

Halloween Monkey Costume



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