Happy 5th Birthday Ethan Jack

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You are a star.

After your 18 hour arrival into this world five years ago in California, you have certainly turned everything upside down.  You arrived early, which I was super happy about because it felt like you were getting bigger every day – it felt like there was getting less of me and more of you until eventually we would be just one big ol’ lady-baby who snaffled back Haagan-Daas ice-cream and fish tacos 24-7.  We scared you out though.  I told your Daddy on a Saturday night that I was done being pregnant and that it was time to call the Thai Restaurant.  I didn’t want to go in to eat because people kinda stared at the huge lady who could eat as much as three giants!  It was getting old.

So a #5 curry and you were up and kicking by 2 in the morning.  Blah, blah blah, you were so stubborn and took your sweet time that my EPIDURAL WORE OFF…..blah blah blah.  Welcome Ethan, 8.39pm.

We got you home 2 days later and sat you on the couch in your travel car seat, flopped down exhausted and looked at each other and said “so, what do you think we do now?”.  That’s pretty much how we have ran this show for the last 5 years.  Without any direction at all!

  • You refused to take a bottle so I feed you every two hours until you decided enough was enough right before your 1st birthday. That’s right.  Read that line again.  FAT BABY.
  • I made every scrap of food that went into your mouth and it was ALL organic until you were eating with us  – apart from whatever crap Bush snuck in your mouth when I wasn’t looking ie birthday cake at 5 months!
  • You walked and talked before you were 10 months old.  This was great, especially as you decided to charge it in an airport!
  • You have always loved the beach and been partial to eating sand, we didn’t mind and neither did you
  • You began your fish and shark obsession at age 18months – and not much has changed on that front!
  • Some mothers refused to let their kids play with you because you beat other kids up.  It wasn’t your fault darling, it must have been terribly frustrating dealing with your peers who were all dumb mutes and couldn’t talk like a grown-up-2-year-old!  Mama had your back.
  • You caught your first fish at age 3 1/4, a snapper
  • You have had the same 3 pillow cases on your pillow  Night-Night since your were 18 moths old.  GOD FORBID anything happens to them like, I don’t know, they become threadbare or something!
  • You have the same munted toenails as your Daddy
  • You have always loved pre-school, kindy and now School and never once cried when I left you (I cried enough for the both of us son).

You are our best friend and most awesome little mate, we love you more than you can ever imagine.  Mum and Dad couldn’t be more proud of you (Yes, I did send you to bed last night without finishing your dinner for the first time ever, but you totally deserved it – THE WHINING…..you understand right?).

We hope you enjoyed your birthday party, Daddy says it is the last one for a while, but leave it to Mummy xxxx