Happy Birthday Freya!

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Ethan and I had the pleasure of spending Miss Freya’s Very Special 6th Birthday with her last week.  She got her splendid new pink cast put on in the morning….and then we kicked off Freya’s Special Day with lunch.  Her choice, of course, but it was an easy win for The Happy Meal.  Ethan didn’t seem to mind!

After lunch we went present shopping and Freya picked out two new cuddly puppies to add to her menagerie.  We then headed home where she tore off her jacket and cardy and insisted Ethan be the first to sign his life away the new cast.  The kids had a lovely afternoon doing arts and craft, digging in the mud, watching movies and devouring punnets of strawberries.  Freya relaxed on the couch with her bowl of strawberries and took time out while her pedicure was drying and I finished up her birthday cake (of which I am most proud.  It was my first ever ‘little girl’ cake!).

We love you so much Freya, thanks for hanging out with us on your birthday xxxx