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Well, Summer, you haven’t quite made it to New Zealand (yet – I’m still hopeful!) but some gorgeous new beauty releases certainly graced our shores this month.  January brought something for everyone and for every budget.  SPF products are, of course, seasonally popular right now, but here in NZ we need to be using these all year long, so consider the ‘sunny’ season a great opportunity to firm-up your faves for the months ahead.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Beauty Review

M·A·C wowed this month with the release of their cult classic Strobe Cream in four new shades; Pinklite (the original) plus Peachlite, Silverlite, Redlite and Goldlite RRP $70.  These stunning luminescent moisturizers are tired skin’s bff (read: this mama’s wearing them everyday!).  Also on counter is Extra Dimension Skin Finish in four new shades; Show Gold peach that breaks pink, Double Gleam beige that breaks silver, Beaming Blush pink that breaks gold, Soft Frost white that breaks violet RRP $64.

Available now at all authorized M·A·C locations.
New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Beauty Review
Extra Dimension Skinfinish Double-Gleam beige that breaks silver

BRUSH ON BLOCK is a product I’m freaking in LOVE with.  Here’s the scenario; makeup done, out to an event with family/friends/work whatever, sun is blazing (which would be weird, I know AUCKLAND!), and your only option is to ruin your glam face with oily sunscreen (or melanoma) and sometimes a hat is just not enough, or not appropriate.  

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Beauty Review

BRUSH ON BLOCK is an on-the-go mineral SPF30 sunscreen in a translucent powder form.  It’s a perfect purse-sized compact with built in dispensing brush that lets you apply sunscreen both underneath and on top of makeup as well as those super tricky places that are often left exposed, such as your part or around your hairline.  I love it and I’m never leaving home without it in my bag.

BRUSH ON BLOCK is vegan, not tested on animals and is gentle enough for kids or those with sensitive skin.  RRP $44, visit to find your nearest stockist.

NZ beauty innovator, Mellow Cosmetics this month released their much-anticipated brow range and it’s predictably freaking awesome.  The combo of great makeup, vegan and cruelty-free goodness and amazing price-points is a winner you guys!

Meet the line-up;

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Beauty Review

Brow Definer Pencil $22, available in 4 shades, Brow Pomade $19.50, available in 4 shades, Brow Powder Duo $22, available in 4 shades, Tinted Brow Gel $19.50, available in Dark Brown and Light Brown.

My pick is the Brow Powder Duo, I love that you’re only paying for two shades as opposed to the four that many palettes come with – and that you’ll never use.  Available in Caramel, Mocha, Chocolate and Taupe.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Beauty ReviewTo be totally honest with you, I’m counting calories and steps right now in an effort to lose the 5kg’s that crept on throughout 2016 and I’m not above taking help where I can get it.  Good Health Synetrim® Slim has hit selected leading pharmacies and health stores RRP $36.90.

Helping to block the absorption of fat, carbs, sugar and manage cravings, Synetrim® is a formula patented for weight loss and metabolic function through 6 key actions;

  1. Triple Absorption Blocker, 2.  Healthy Fat Metabolism, 3.  Mood Balance, 4.  Healthy Cholesterol, 5.  Appetite and Craving Management, 6.  Blood Sugar Balance.

Sounds amaze right?  Everything I need so fingers crossed it helps and you KNOW I’ll give you the scoop if it does xx

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Beauty ReviewSo a new brand I discovered and loved in 2016 was Atzen.  I finished my RENEW™ – Vita C Serum without missing a day, I loved it so much and I’m currently using BALANCE™ – DNA Repair Serum – Age Reverse Safely™ which is equally effective in softening existing textural imbalances (of which I have many due to scarring and sun damage) and providing long lasting hydration.

So, obviously a fan, I was so happy to receive the ATZEN Balance Bio-Active Complex SPF15™ RRP $139.  Sunscreen is my jam and this organic, nano-particle and petrochemical free formulation protects from pollution and ultraviolets whilst hydrating skin and promoting a youthful, glowing complexion.  I’ve only just started using it but am impressed after a couple of days, key point – non-greasy yay!

The BEST smelling body lotion EVER!New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog Family Beauty Review

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  There is no respite.  Even if you’re putting back your 2.25l a day (I’m trying I swear!) your skin will still need some external help.  Sukin win The Best Nest Best Body Lotion award with their Moisture Rich Body Crème RRP $20.99.  I just want to eat it.


Smelling like lemon curd and delivering great hydration at a great price and ticking all the vegan, carbon neutral, no animal-testing, no SLS, no SLES, no parabens and no mineral oil boxes, Moisture Rich Body Crème is an absolute GEM.

Love, love love!  

Available at Farmers, pharmacies and health stores nationwide.

See you next month!




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