Hello Friday | 9am.

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I love 9am.

Everyone has gone to work, gone to school, gone to sleep.  

The PIA dogs are lazing their way through the morning, asleep on someone’s bed probably, but at least they aren’t barking or taking a dump on the carpet at this stage of the day.

At 9am I sit down with my bowl of gourmet microwave eggs {HA! I’m a creature of habit ok?}, some caffeine and I start MY day – even though I’ve been awake since 5am – Hello Nixon!

This has been a good week y’all.  Ethan headed back to school without so much as a whisper of complaint, the weather has co-operated somewhat so he has been able to ride to school most days, Nixon’s surgery has been scheduled for Aug 4th and I successfully met with a group of women in business and had a lovely morning presenting some ideas on social media and smartphone photography!  It was so much fun to step out of my comfort zone and prepare and execute something completely new and exciting, I highly recommend it!


I’m feeling > Grateful and happy and hopeful and mostly cold

I’m wishing for > Warmer climes and a vacation {maybe this might happen?}

I’m waiting on > News that is out of my hands, hence they call it waiting I suppose?

I’m trying to > Bake lots of things with lemons

I’m trying not to > Eat all the things I’ve baked with lemons, winter padding is in full effect : (

I’m hoping > Surgery waiting lists magically shrink so a friend’s life can go on happily and with full health for her family x

I’m going to > Be eating hangi for lunch today at Ethan’s school, but I’m terribly fussy so a bit nervous that I won’t like it eep!

I’m needing to > Take a shower asap before the baby wakes up, otherwise I’ll be eating hangi at school in yesterdays face and hair {A TERRIFYING SIGHT!!!!}

I’m proud of > My big for making the coolest claymation stop-motion dinosaur movies!  I love to see him being so creative.


What’s shaking with you guys? I’d love to know x

Have a great weekend!