Hello Nixon | 3 Weeks Old

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{Posted 1 week late lol}

I have started so many posts in the last three weeks, trying to convey the wonder of our new baby or the little hardships of life with a newborn…..but they all remain as drafts. There are now so few hours in the day and most of them are spent with a dollop of delicious baby snuggled into my neck. Motivation to blog is still here but doesn’t really seem to stick around long enough to finish a post. And so it goes.

Nix seems to be over his early struggles with feeding which saw us back in the hospital for 3 days last week due to continued weight loss. As much as that sucked, it gave me the opportunity to rest and heal from Nixon’s traumatic arrival (10lb 2oz / 4.59kg, posterior, forceps, vaginal tear, episiotomy, 3rd degree tear). After a fairly standard delivery with Ethan, I was totally unprepared for the horror (truly that is the best word to describe it) of birthing our second son. Unfortunately there will be no lovely birth story posted here, but there is a lovely bubba!

We have had good days and bad days this week. We attempted to head down to the river so E could fish for eels, it took so long to get ready that by the time we tried to leave Nixon was a screaming mess. He was crying, I was crying because I felt so sorry for my big boy who was also crying because I was crying and he felt bad for even suggesting we go in the first place. It was a disaster.
But then, we had a good day. A visit with the boys Great Grandparents, a trip to the barber (with no-one waiting huzzah!), a prescription pick up, icecream, a library visit and a quick peek in the $2 Shop for E. Our confidence was somewhat restored.

Our days are a juxtaposition of slow and hectic. I remember asking two of my girlfriends how they’d lost their baby weight so quickly after their second and third babies and the response was that they were just so damn busy that there was barely time to sit down. They spoke the truth! Between 2 hourly feeds I have to do everything at pace to keep up with life in general, there is a constantly updated to-do list in my head. Standard mummy protocol really.

Nixon you are a delightfully easy baby really. You only cry when you’re hungry (or if you realise I’m no longer holding you!), you sleep like a champ at night, you have big blue eyes which follow me around and focus on stripes and the panda bear beside your changing table. You love to be held and are very happy in your Ergo carrier. Surprisingly our four dogs and their barking don’t bother you at all and you are just as happy being snuggled by Nana as by me.
The best thing about your arrival is seeing you be loved on by your big brother. Ethan is completely enamoured with you and so, so proud.

We love you so much.