Hello Nixon | 8 Months

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Wowsers.  That was a hard month boy {hence post is 20 days late, pic was on time though!}.  No lie.  We have both been sick, you have another tooth {and more on the way} and you somehow managed to sleep through and IN your first epic power chuck yesterday – go you!

We’re pretty sure you’ve decided crawling is not for you.  You are pulling yourself up on all sorts of dangerous things now so I expect that one of these days, you’ll just up and head for the fridge and some bacon. You find commando crawling speedy and efficient PLUS you can still carry things in your paws whilst on the move {like your bros wooden sword or the vacuum cleaner handle – your #1 fave}.  I can’t actually believe I got pics of you this month, I got ONE shot of you on your back so I am thrilled it was in focus.  Notice anything different?  Yes, you are in cloth diapers!  Two things have happened this month that I had previously said I would never do, one of them being using cloth diapers.  It’s actually easy-peasy and I wish we had started earlier.

Man, you love quinoa and chicken.  This is good.  You also love the dogs and your brother and you slept through the night last night for the first time in well over a month.  I love you even more today sweet-baby-sleeper.  You now clap your hands whenever you are happy, usually when you see your Nana, and your conversation skills consist solely of raspberry after raspberry.

You are the baddest little baby I know, your love for Crown Lynn and eating rocks knows no bounds, your other favourite things are electrical cables, dog tails, dog bowls, smartphones and sunglasses.  There is currently a moratorium on toy-buying  as you prefer stuff that isn’t yours and is preferably breakable.

I just don’t know where this year has gone.  It makes me so happy to sit on your bedroom floor and watch you play and learn, somedays I really don’t do much else.  When you reach out for me with your chubby little arms time does stop though; everything stops and it’s just me inhaling you and being/doing/giving you whatever it is you want or need.

Love, Mama



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  1. #nonixonno leave Mamas crown lynn alone !
    yeah for sleeping through the night tho clever wee boy

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