Hello Nixon | Five Months Old Babycakes

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Nix_5_months copy

Oh my sweet little doll-baby.

How are you five months old you little maniac?  You truly are quite hilarious, your mad giggles stop us all mid-task and make our hearts sing, your little mouth smiles so big at everyone, your fat ol’ legs are just getting stronger by the second and I can’t keep pace with your need for food QUICKLY at mealtimes.  What a treat you are.

The last 10 days have seen you perfect the rolling-over manoeuvre, you are laid down for no more than 10 seconds then over you go; quite content for a wee bit, then your rage sets in – you are so angry that you can’t crawl yet, so angry that you rolled on top of your toy, so angry that you can’t eat the iPad.  Life’s tough when you’re a baby.

Daddy is in Japan this week and Hong Kong next week and you love having him FaceTime you, I’m sure you miss him just as much as Louie, who spends his days laying by the front door waiting for him to come home.  When Lou isn’t being so melodramatic he is guarding you.  Whenever you are on the floor or in your bouncinette, there’s Louie!  You’re his baby and I guess he loves you just as much as we do.

Solids are progressing swimmingly, I fancy that you’ll be a lot like your big brother and just love food.  So far I have made all of your food and will continue until you are no longer Master of the Puree.  You also like to eat your left foot and this keeps you amused for quite some time.  You are the biggest nosey-parker I have ever known, all the time watching, looking around for who said what, who dropped that and what on earth is Nana doing rummaging in the cupboard and why isn’t she looking at you?

Life with you is just the bees knees Nixie xx {except when you spit up ALL of the milk in the pool at swimming lessons, I could do without that and so could the other parents I imagine mmmkay?}