Hello Nixon | Six Months Old Little Bird

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Nixie Pixie, my you have grown this month! 1.375kg weight gain to top the scales at just shy of 10kg!  Little hippo indeed.

Geoff called you Little Bird on our holiday in Waipu and it’s so true, whenever a spoon is in range you open your wee mouth so wide, always waiting for your next mouthful.  You love everything I make you, and have much more time for solids than you do for your milk, which you rush through as quickly as possible so you don’t miss a thing.  We call you Nosey-Parker as you are always keeping tabs on everyone, paying attention to conversations and who is where.

It was so tricky to photograph you this month as you don’t stay still for a second, I had your Dad help me and we still couldn’t pin you down!  You are just about fully stable when sitting and today I  noticed that you were using your little knees to shunt your way around the living room – slow down sweet baby!

You enjoyed your first Christmas this month, loving the wrapping paper and having all of your family around you.  You took your first swim in the ocean last week and just like your big brother you seem to be a little water baby.  We love that you sleep through the night, and you are learning to be a much better day sleeper as you get older.

You continue to be SO immensely happy and pleased as punch with life in general, your big gummy smiles just melt our hearts and your loud babbles fill our home with the best sounds in the world.

Love, Mama xx

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