So, hey……It’s Monday!

………………and we’re not at Starship, and Nix is not having his op today.  Remember in my last post about poop {sorry about all the poop posts, it pretty much rules our lives at the moment!} I mentioned 2-5 massive bouts of diarrhea per day?  Well, turns out that was courtesy of rotavirus, not a side affect of Bub’s large intestine getting plunged with cameras and biopsy equipment from end to end.  Phew, not.

We spent Wednesday night at Starship last week to monitor Nixon after 5 days of the virus depleting him of everything he ate and drank; plus side – at least there was one right? – we had our own room because poohs and spews make for a very contagious baby.  And Mumma.  And big brother.  FML.

So, no pull through surgery today, it’s too risky for a number of reasons, so at least little boy gets a chance to recover from the past couple of weeks and enjoy his first birthday in relative normality!  The surgeon is away in July so we will be heading back to Starship at the beginning of August to get the show on the road.

I am so ready for a normal week.  So normal in fact that Nix and I are going to do the grocery shopping as soon as he wakes from his nap and I’m kinda looking forward to it.  We haven’t left the house by ourselves, for just normal errand stuff in weeks.  Time to get back on track, and get ready to celebrate Nixon’s first birthday in 11 days!!!

Sunrise from our room at Starship Children’s Hospital



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  1. Here's to a normal existence and a bit of a celebration! Hope it's a good few weeks till d-day! xx

  2. So glad that you can have a 'normal' Monday…will pray for more normality over the coming days and so you can have a right royal celebration of a year in this cutie pie's life without any more unexpected turns xx

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