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39-ish weeks ago I started a Pinterest board for this room and I have been collecting ever since.  The only hard and fast rule was that I didn’t want anything matchy-matchy.  Ethan’s nursery in America reeked of co-ordinates and was totally themed floor to ceiling from Babies-R-Us.  Eight years on and I took my time, mixing colours and patterns until this little room began to feel just right.  I love it in here, the light is amazing, it’s warm and it’s full of personality.

Boys NurseryNursery_1

Mum and I had been searching for The Cot Quilt for a while and were stumped, everything handmade we were seeing at markets, although beautiful, was a little too traditional for this room, and everything in the retail channels was just too steeped in the ‘baby’ themes I was trying to avoid.  I wanted something that would grow with bubs, and bring some modern, bright solids to break up the white furniture.  A wallpaper post on Facebook gave me the inspiration I needed and I put a request out via Instagram – could my wallpaper vision be turned into a quilt?  Two amazing ladies replied.  The quilt pictured was a commission by Christchurch master quilter Deb Robertson {find her Felt store here} and it is seriously amazing, I can’t even imagine how many of these she could sell in Auckland’s trendy home decor stores.

The second offer was from our dear friend Tara in San Diego {who actually will be Baby Hippos God Mother – Surprise Tara!}.  I’m not sure if she has ever quilted before but she and her Mum made a quilt which is currently winging it’s way across the world!  So this lucky baby will actually have two super cool quilts, I’m thinking one for a play mat and one for his bed.Nursery_2