Hmmmmm, Food for thought Supre – even though you obviously don’t promote eating

See what Twitter and Bookface can achieve!  In less than 24 hours 160+ like-minded people have gathered to say “NO!  I don’t want to dress like a ho-bag…..even if I could fit into their Huss-Plus clothes”.  The interweb is a beautiful thing – just like all of us curvy girls that may or may not enjoy eating (the shame!).  We are hot and fashion forward and totally deserve not to feel like we are passed our used by date simply because fitting through the clothes racks in Supre is the gauntlet one must run to purchase a singlet that proclaims us as Santa’s Bitch (vomit).

You might remember my first Supre experience and the trauma I suffered as a result, click here for a re-cap

There are of course detractors – like the hot spunk(?) who cruised by the group just to check out all of the ‘Fat Chicks’ who were ‘whinging’ about Supre.  Line up ladies – this one’s a keeper!  There is also the girl who proclaims that if you are too large to make Supre’s clothes look good, it must be your fault.  Hmmm, I beg to differ, really is there anyone who could make this look good?  (OK, aside from Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman).

So, join the revolution, say NO to shredded lycra and normalising micro-mini sizing in the retail market, Cate Owen’s fabulous FB group is growing fast Supre: Making Teenagers Feel Fat Since 1984




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