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Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

Oh lord, that picture doesn’t look real does it?  I can’t believe it feels so long ago already :::sobs:::

I was determined to pack light for our trip to Rarotonga and that included my toiletry bag.  I did pack way more skincare products than makeup but couldn’t have been happier with my choices.  With the chance of  returning with a ‘safe’ tan I wanted to ensure my skin was well protected but also well moisturised and nourished.  After hibernating all winter, being outside and in the water all day for 12 days meant I was going to have to pay a bit more attention to my skin to avoid peeling, wind and sunburn and dry, scaly legs and feet.

With that in mind I was sure to pack a few products that could do double duty and multi-task like a boss.  This ultimately saved on space and weight but also meant I was covered against any skin ’emergencies’ that may have arisen!  Let’s meet my holiday favourites;

Grab & Go Goodness Try-Me Kit RRP $24.99

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty BloggerThis set of minis arrived the day before we left so I was able to replace full size products with this team of beauty superstars from the Goodness Natural Beauty Lab.  The super cute kit contains;

  • Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil (5ml)
  • Every Day Cream Cleanser (20ml)
  • Every Morning Moisturiser (20ml)
  • Every Week Face Scrub (10ml)
  • Every Evening Cream (25 ml)

Unfortunately The Chia Seed Oil bottle didn’t survive the trip but the rest of these wee gems were used every day….except for the Every Week Face Scrub of course, because I follow directions to a T lol!  This range is just easy.  That’s the best word I can think of to describe it.  It’s simple, natural, does what is says, it’s not pretentious or fluffy.  Good honest skincare with an added kick – certified organic chia seed oil which on its own is light and readily absorbed but as an ingredient across the entire range, takes ‘good’ products to a whole new level.  The Every Morning Moisturiser kept my skin hydrated throughout the day under my sunscreen and I used the Every Evening Cream religiously at night.  No dry skin the entire trip!

Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate RRP $39.90Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

Nixon didn’t get the memo about being on holiday so woke between 4.45 am and 5.30 every day we were in Rarotonga.  This gorgeous Eye Recovery Concentrate from Trilogy was a lifesaver, one that I often used more than once per day.    Containing Trilogy’s latest plant oil blend, Glycablend™, caffeine, CoQ10 and jojoba, I kept this little vial in the fridge and rolled it on every morning/afternoon/evening (whenever I looked in the mirror and went WTF?!).  It instantly took care of my lack-of-sleep puffiness and reduced the slack-eyed look that I’m often sporting after a rough night with Nix!  This one’s a keeper ladies, I love it.

Antipodes Chia & Kiwi Seed Superfood Serum RRP $49.50

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger2015 has sure been the year of the serum!  Luckily I’m a huge fan and I’ve discovered a new fave that hits stores October 1st.  Antipodes will soon release their lush Chia & Kiwi Seed Superfood Serum with jasmine & ylang ylang and it’s a babin’ blend let me tell you.  I’ve been applying this every morning underneath a moisturiser for the past 3 weeks and I’m addicted to it!  My skin feels amazing and is able to maintain perfect moisture levels all day long.  The point of difference here is that rather than a straight oil, Antipodes has created an oil-based serum.  Other serums in my arsenal tend to be a little drying, they deliver the good stuff but leave my skin needing more moisture.  This combo of Chia & Kiwi Seed punches way above it’s weight.  It’s a luxe silky serum, but the super fine oils absorb beautifully and create a magic barrier against moisture loss that lasts all day.  

Added bonus, $60,000 from the sale of this product will be donated to World Wide Fund for Nature NZ!

Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm RRP $ 50.60Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

So this is what I’m talking about when I refer to multi-tasking products.  Saviour Skin Balm is now in my handbag 24-7.  This was my lip balm on the trip, my always-on-hand first aid balm (Rarotonga is surrounded by a coral reef so you can’t even begin to imagine the number of cuts and grazes both boys endured on a daily basis!) plus it was our soothing go-to for insect bites and any sun-induced redness.  I also used it to calm my frizzy hair as I didn’t take any styling products or my GHD’s, quelle horreur! Dave is also a fan and dabs a bit on his face to soothe shaving cuts.  This delicious pot of gold is crammed full of antibacterial and antifungal agents derived from totara and tea tree and heals skin in a snap!  There is nothing not to love about Saviour Skin Balm, it’s definitely the kind of product the boys will remember when they’re grown, ‘that one tin of stuff Mum used to rub on everything!’.  And then they’ll buy some for themselves because it’s that good.

Weleda Skin Food Travel Size RRP $13.90

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

My skin has a few ‘special needs’  areas that constantly need extra love and with 12 days in flip flops and wrestling Nixon on the beach to consider I didn’t hesitate in popping a 30ml travel-size tube of Weleda’s Skin Food into my toilet bag.  This is a time-tested formulation that has been around since 1926 and to this day remains 100% natural.  

I use it on my elbows, feet and hands daily and long term, this is the only product I’ve found to keep gross, dry elbows at bay – I hate them!  Ethan also favours this product to fix wind burnt lips in a flash.  This lotion goes on easily so is perfect for quick applications to small bottoms.  Nix got a few contact rashes on his nether regions from being in the water so much and sand was an abrasive friend you’ve just got to love while holidaying at the beach!  After rinsing off each night I’d just apply a little Skin Food to his (minor) diaper rash and he’d be all clear by the morning, ready to swim another day!

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment RRP $95

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

This super slick superstar from Clinique launched in New Zealand last month but I’ve been fortunate enough to have been using it for the last 2 months or so. In love of course, when do we not love Clinique right? I’ve been using Custom-Repair Eye Treatment twice daily and can see results that I’m freaking out over! Most noticeable to me is the reduced crinkly, crepiness. As far as signs of aging go, I’m most at peace with my wrinkles. Grey hair gives me the heebies but I can handle my laugh lines…… long as they stay in check! Clinique Smart is keeping on top of this for me by easing inflammation, repairing damage, plumping and boosting radiance. Four things I need everyday, not just on my holiday!

Antipodes Immortal SPF 15 Face & Body Moisturizer RRP $54.45

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty BloggerSo, the foundation for great-holiday skin was all taken care of, now to protect it.  I wore this creamy formulation from Antipodes every day in Rarotonga and never once got burnt.  That’s so important to me.  My Dad died from melanoma so I do my best to protect my skin and I’m absolutely anal about keeping the kids well covered in sunscreen and wearing protective clothing at the beach.  Immortal SPF 15 Face & Body Moisturizer is delicious.  It spreads and covers well and it absorbs like a standard moisturizer (it doesn’t feel like it’s sitting on top of your skin you know?  I hate that!).  Full of plant-based wonder ingredients, super-antioxidant Vinanza Performance Plus® grape and kiwifruit extract as well as plant-based hyaluronic acid, ancient Reishi mushroom and Raspberry seed oil which naturally protects skin from UVA damage.  LOVE.

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream RRP $29.90Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty Blogger

I was sent this shimmery tube at the beginning of winter (review here) and I’d been dying to use it after a little sun, some longer days and when I had an opportunity to wear short sleeves!  Ultra Hydrating Body Cream easily passed the island moisturiser test.  No dry legs, arms or shoulders the entire trip, and in the evenings, after showering off the day’s salt and sand, it was lovely to take a minute to sit and enjoy this subtly frangranced lotion.  What is so nice about Trilogy’s most intense body moisturiser, is the added mica which creates a slight shimmer, just perfect for highlighting a sunsafe holiday tan.

Dr. Hauschka Night Serum RRP $75

Mummy Blog new Zealand Beauty BloggerOk I’m tired.  

Every night at around 8.45pm I’d just crash.  The early mornings (thanks Nixon!), the fresh air and fun at the beach plus all of our planned excursions wiped me out.  To be honest we all came home more worn out than when we left New Zealand!

There was nothing for it but to quickly cleanse with my Good Every Day Cream Cleanser then apply Dr. Hauschka’s latest Night Serum and hit the hay.  I’ve been using this on and off since June but whilst on holiday used it exclusively at night for 12 days.  I have one criteria for a good night serum, and that is this; when I wake up in the morning, my skin needs to look refreshed  – like I’ve actually had some sleep!  This sounds silly but once I noticed that this was actually achievable using the right product, it became a firm acid test.  Dr. Hauschka Night Serum works just as described.  One thing I’ve learnt this year which makes SO much sense, is that the skin doesn’t need to be ‘protected’ at night from outside influences.  There is no need to layer on lotion after oil etc just to go to sleep.  One great product like Night Serum will work it’s magic best when left to get on with it.

So, there you have it!  A bit of a list but these are all fab skin-saving heroes that deserved a little love from me.  Let me know if you have any questions and look out for my Island Style Make-up post – which is a MUCH smaller gang btw!