Holiday | We ate America

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Oh we pretty much ate our way around America and it was mah-vellous!  We couldn’t get enough mexican food and even brought Taco Bell seasoning home with us.    Dave and E kicked off the Festival of Eating in Sydney – I guess their motto at this point was “Mama’s not here we can eat what we want!” {who am I kidding – I was just dying to join the party!}.


The night I arrived in Chicago my flight got in at midnight and we kicked things off good and proper with an impromptu trip to White Castle – the northern equivalent of Krystal Burger, little steamed buns I love you! White_Castle

We had one day to shop in Chicago; so, so sad, but Ethan and Mum managed to eat $15 worth of Frozen Yogurt themselves!

Frozen Yoghurt

Then it was wedding time, and we ate our way around that banging party like champs!  KFC on the wedding party limo on the way TO the reception?  Yes please!  Then there were the four trestle sized tables of dessert;


Breakfast burritos were on the menu as we headed south.  I can’t tell you how many dreams of Juanita’s breakfast burritos I have had since leaving San Diego – so sad : (

Breakfast Burrito!

Onwards but not necessarily upwards to Chilis.  We love you two-for-one margaritas ALL DAY!  Chicken fajitas and loaded fries


Loaded Fries


We were in fantasy land after all so let’s eat dessert all day long!  Frozen bananas at Disney World and Dippin’ Dots at Sea World

Frozen Bananas

Dippin' Dots

We were in the south so we HAD to eat waffle fries at Chik Fil A who don’t like the gays!

Chick Fil'A

You can get some kick ass FRESH seafood in Florida/Georgia and we made sure to order pretty much everything on the menu when we took Dave’s little sister Sara out for lunch.  I had the crab cake sandwich and Dave had everything.


This little restaurant on the St Mary’s river also had amaze cocktails.  I enjoyed these very much;


Our trip almost over we had one last Mexican feast in Santa Monica, E plowed some Taquitos, Dave had fish tacos and I devoured a chicken burrito.  The 40 oz margaritas were a bit of a struggle but we managed ; )


Chicken Burrito

BIG Magaritas