House Reno’s | The first two weeks

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So busy.  So tired.  So stoked.

We have;

  • Pulled out the old front fence (Dave and some lovely rugby dads did this two days after we moved in!)
  • Cut down some trees
  • Had a new front fence built – gate still to come
  • Had the old hidden gutters torn down and new gutters and fascia installed
  • Purchased all new interior door and hardware, some are installed
  • Had wardrobes built for the two master bedrooms
  • The office has been completely plastered and all boards + ceiling repainted, we will paint the walls this weekend, YAY!
  • Our bathroom ceiling and master bedroom have been re-plastered and are just about ready for painting
  • Mum’s room has had three, COUNT THEM, THREE layers of wallpaper stripped and her walls are in the process of three layers of skimming
  • Wardrobes are ordered and hopefully will be installed next week – can’t wait!
  • We have ordered some window coverings.  I can’t order fabric from a swatch, though Ethan was able to decide on his roman blind pretty swiftly thank god!

And this weekend we paint.  Can’t wait to work on our OWN house some more.  I wake up every morning having to pinch myself, love this project and our home.  Pics to come {as soon as I find a USB cable}.