Hunting & Gathering

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Dave did a great job feeding us while we were away.  He got up at 6.30am and headed out every morning and some afternoons.  The result kept us eating snapper for dinner every night and snapper for lunch every day except one.  Cold snapper wraps are delicious – who knew?

 JAN 244 JAN 245 JAN 248 JAN 687

Dave’s first Trevally – better cold the next day.

JAN 688 JAN 690

The big guy on the right was 9 pounds and the small guy 7 – Dave’s biggest catch to date!

JAN 691 JAN 693  JAN 696 JAN 697

Tara caught her first snapper on the trip, Ethan also caught a legal one and reeled it in completely unaided, too small for Dave to keep though!

JAN 699 JAN 701