I have really important things to do

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yes.   I do.

I can’t currently commit to writing (and by writing I mean finishing) a post right now as I am far to busy

  1. being in bed.  Yes it is 8pm, a mere smidgeon of a Thursday night but Dave is at work, there is nothing on TV and everything I need is in a 2.5 foot radius
  2. perusing a very important text.  One that will change my life and my waistline and I know this because I paid $60 for it and its cute little companion book aka Pocket Guide.    Yeah, Dave better put a grate over the shower drain because Posh Spice is coming to town and that biotch be skinny yall
  3. watching Real Housewives of Atlanta S1E3.  Mmmmhmmm
  4. dabbling in a little bit of that Twilight series, I don’t know what it’s called but I’m up to book 3, or should I say .PDF #3, if you’re a REAL greenie you save trees and read books on you laptop…..get with the program hippy.