I made a mess on my blog…..

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and this post is what it looks like;

  • It’s freezing ass cold again and it’s now spring time.  What the shit is this weather oh yea in charge of weather business?  The cold girl who is always cold (ME) is cold again, so much so that in our heated office I had a woollen coat on, my scarf wrapped up around my face, my nana blanket wrapped around my legs and a fan heater hidden under my desk!  Not happy.

New Zealand Spring Snow

  • I had deadlines today at work.  There are more deadlines on Friday.  These don’t really gel with my former SAHM-ethos of ‘It’ll get done when I feel like it’.  I’m OVER deadlines, people need to just recognize, and be happy that I even get any work done or potentially finish any projects when they constantly change their minds about said project.  Mmmm-hmmmm,  yes but I do love that fleeting moment every two weeks when that money briefly touches down in my bank account before permanently departing for the shores of people-who-expect-me-to-pay-for-their-services.
  • I have survived (successfully I might add!) 7 days of The Flat Belly Diet.  I LOVE this eating plan.  I feel fab, have completely revolutionised the way I eat and deal with food (by ‘deal with’ I mean consume constantly), have totally kicked caffeine drinks (I have had no Coke Zero or energy drinks in 7 DAYS!!!!), have only had 2 small glasses of red wine in 7 days (this was factored into my daily calorific intake) and……I can still eat chocolate as long as it’s the good stuff – 70% cocoa choccy.    The food is great once you get past the 4 day jumpstart and for the first time ever in my life I feel confident that I will be able to lose the 6-8 extra kilos I’m carrying.
  • Best news so far this week – The Westie Mums won our first netball game of the season!!!!  It was so much more enjoyable than losing, and the only injury sustained by me was a strained calf muscle.  I’ll take it.
  • If you can spare a couple of dollars please foll0w the link below to donate to The Red Cross Appeal for Tsunami ravaged Samoa, these people and this country need our help and money.