I made it | Antler Necklace

Antler Necklace DIY

A crafting virgin no more!

I discovered this easy-peasy necklace DIY on the gorgeous blog Always Rooney and knew it was well within even my limited crafting capabilities!  A quick trip to Spotlight and I was able to pick-up the few supplies required for this pretty set of yarn-bombed antlers;

1 pack of natural coloured Sculpey Clay

1 length of chain {per necklace}

1 pack of jump rings

3 colours of embroidery thread

These turned out perfectly, I was quietly quite proud of my first crafting attempt and was super happy to gift them to some lovely ladies over the weekend at Around the Table.


Joining in  {for the first time ever!} with Sunshine x 3

 Show & Tell Thursday's



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16 thoughts on “I made it | Antler Necklace”

  1. They are amazing! Also love the way you've photographed them in the milk bottle xx

  2. they look fantastic! I commented on them on 2 different people over the weekend. You have done such a good job on them!

  3. Very cool and very crafty-love the colours you chose. i saw treenas one at craft love and planned to beetle over to the stall she got it from to get one myself!!! Totally pin-ing this for future making x

  4. I adored these and have decided to take the crafting plunge next week (school holidays) – the shape you achieved with the antlers is so perfect; any tips?

    1. Yes! After the first one where I sort-of pulled the little antler-bits of the main antler {make sense?} I used a craft knife to actually slice a section, and then shape it. You only need a wee bit of clay too, maybe half the size of those big marbles.

  5. super duper cool! I think I'll have to try some. I admired them over the blogging weekend!

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