It’s here! It’s here!

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The first Christmas Post of the year!!!  Excited much?

Mark your calendars, for today the 3rd of December is the all-time Melissa’s Best Day of 2009 Winner.  Don’t ask why, just tip your cans and wine glasses and give us a big ol cyber hug!


Now, on to Christmas.  I started and finished ALL of Ethan’s shopping today with the exception of the fish tank which is not in stock yet.  So, again, yay me.  I think even Dave is happy with the budget which is a small miracle considering my penchant for blowing exorbitant amounts of money on the little prince and Dave’s rather conservative Southern-boy expectation of acceptable amounts to spend on lil chil’ns.

After I picked Ethan up from school we headed a  l o n g way away to Christmas Wonderland for the first time – and it wasn’ t that far really.

Oh my Jesus.  Holy smokes.  That place is awesome.  There are like 160 bee-ootiful Christmas trees all decorated with different themes, some people have worked on this display for 5 months!  Imagine dedicating 5 months of your life to Christmas.  If anymore people start doing this there will be no-one left to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day and then where would we be?

So I may or may not have taken pictures.  With my camera, which is not that small (hello big ol Canon DSLR), but somehow these pics have found there way into my hands – I know people in all the right places.  This was a covert operation so there is some blur due to adjusting settings in the dark and shooting from  out of a purse which may or may not have been mine.  I have told you before, I live on the edge people.

Polar Bears & Penguins on a Christmas Tree?