Jack Family – VIP’s at the Summer Series

Thanks to the amazing bFM and my uncanny prize-winning abilities, Dave, Ethan and I were given the deluxe treatment on sunny Sunday at the bFM Vodafone Summer Series.  I won 2 Nokia Music Xpress cell phones each with $200 credit plus a VIP picnic spot at the concert, complete with a massive banquet – entrees, lunch, desert and a cooler of wine and cold drinks!  It was awesome.  Sunday was very hot and sunny, the music was great and we all really enjoyed our afternoon.  Dave and I kept looking at each other in disbelief;

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Ethan 101 Ethan 012 Ethan 013 Ethan 016Ethan 040 Ethan 017 Ethan 022 Ethan 030  Ethan 041 Ethan 057 Ethan 060 Ethan 067  Ethan 081Ethan 084Ethan 087Ethan 076 Ethan 095Ethan 091

 Ethan 100 Ethan 099



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