The King Size Upgrade | Kip & Co Candystripe Duvet Cover

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Nixon’s arrival last year heralded a rather large sea-change in our family, albeit a wonderful one!  Things like sleep can no longer be taken for granted so we decided to make what little of it we can get, into good, cozy slumber.  That meant upgrading our tired old queen size for a delicious new king sized Sleepyhead.  Oh.  My.  God.  Why we did not make a great bed a priority sooner I have no idea.  Oh wait, yes I do, money!

Buying a larger bed means buying larger linen = $$$$$, but,  I was so super lucky to win a new season Kip & Co Candystripe Duvet Cover and Pillowcase set from the amaze LeeAnn Yare the week before the bed arrived!  Thank you so much x

I’m not afraid of colour in my house (my last Kip & Co set was rather loud too) so the bright and fun Candystripe fits right in and looks great with a myriad of colour combos – I particularly love it with teals and mint tones.


If you’re thinking of upgrading to a bigger bed, there are some things you can do to lighten the cost;

  • Wait for a sale.  Seriously, you never have to pay full price for anything these days and Farmers has a sale pretty much every weekend so look out for the specials.  We bought our bed in a 50% off sale plus the salesman knocked another $150 off for paying right away rather than financing and he included free delivery.  Do haggle.
  • Plan your purchase.  Upgrading in summer will mean you don’t have to purchase a spendy heavy duvet inner right away to keep warm over winter.  Stock up on sheets, valence, duvet cover etc a couple of months prior to purchasing the bed so you can wait for them to go on sale.
  • My queen size mattress protector stretched comfortably onto the king bed so I didn’t replace that as it was nearly new.  Yay money saved!


Kip & Co Candystripe Duvet Cover available from Collected