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  • 1.  Lou & Dash survive their Christmas grooming marathon once again.  Best $100 EVER spent
  • 2.  Jeans & shoes mid-December.  I picked these shoes up online for $50, saw the SAME shoes in Country Rd for $100.  Snap.  Single worst, wettest month of Summer I can remember
  • 3.  I have finally mastered curling my hair with my GHD’s.  I think that only took me 4 years!
  • 4.  One of the best things about having a kid is the amaxing xmas decorations they bring home every year, this special ‘Star O’ Glitter’ was made for my truck!
  • 5.  Self Portrait – Ethan Jack.  E came to work with me on Friday and one of my lovely customers gave him an awesome squid lure.  I love looking through my photo reel on my phone each week and discovering Ethan’s sneaky snaps!
  • 6.  Strawberry season.  At least this faux-summer has managed to grow some strawberries.  Homemade strawberry icecream from a little stand in Kumeu
  • 7.  An army of chocolate dipped strawberries, ready for Jo and Hadyn’s engagement party!
  • 8.  Dave, give me your goofiest look…..oh, you already doing it…ok then